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Tile Adhesive » K 301

Konstrukt® Tileworks™ K301 Thick-Bed Tile Adhesive

Konstrukt® Tileworks™ K301 Thick-Bed Tile Adhesive is a cement-based adhesive formulated for installing and fixing ceramic tiles on uneven, irregular horizontal concrete surfaces.



Mixing Ratio: 25kg of Compound to 6L of water (gradual mixing)
Application: thick-bed application
Open time: 15 times
Coverage: 4-5 sq m per 25 kg bag
Packaging: 25kg/bag
Storage: Konstrukt® Tileworks™ K301 Thick-Bed Tile Adhesive must be stored in a dry environment and protected form temperature extremes. Prolonged exposure of opened bags may shorten shelf-life of the product.


  • Use clean container and tools. Contamination may affect the setting time
  • Mix by hand or with a power mixer until a lump free homogeneous paste is reached
  • For the best result, stand mixture for 2 minutes before use


  1. Mix K301 Konstrukt® Tileworks™ Tile Adhesive 25-kilo bag with six (6) liters of water into a plastic pail container.
  2. Stir with a mixing device until trowelable consistency attained.
  3. Stand for two (2) minutes prior use. Thick bed applications are only suitable on irregular, horizontal surfaces.
  4. Wet the substrate before applications of tile adhesive.
  5. Use a trowel to spread the adhesive per one (1) square meter at a time. Apply to desire level to smoothen the uneven surface of the flooring.
  6. Place and align tiles by moving it back and forth. Adjust height accordingly by gently tapping the tiles using the handle of the trowel or hammer. Fix tiles immediately within fifteen (15) minutes open time.

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